World Glaucoma Week 2021

Written by Hayley

**WORLD GLAUCOMA WEEK - week commencing 7th March** We are delighted to share a programme of digital glaucoma support groups and other activities that will take place during World Glaucoma Week (WGW) this March on behalf of our friends at Glaucoma UK.

We have a new page on our website all about glaucoma self-care - and will be launching our Glaucoma podcast on our facebook page .

8th March (3pm) – My experience of glaucoma surgery – We will be joined by 2 patients who have had glaucoma surgery (a trabeculectomy and a shunt) who will talk about their experience and answer questions. Link to register

9th March (1:30pm) - My experience of taking part in glaucoma research – We will be joined by Mark Wagstaff who took part in glaucoma research into visual field monitoring. Link to register

11th March (7pm) – Who can help with my glaucoma: What support is available between appointments? Glaucoma UK will be joined by 2 Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLO’s). As well as glaucoma specific support, we will be discussing vision loss and the many services available to support you if this occurs. Link to register

12th March (6pm) – Glaucoma self-care; how I look after my eyes. We will be joined by a former Glaucoma UK trustee who will talk about his life with glaucoma for over 30 years, including learning how to be a pilot! Then we’ll open the floor to you to share your hints, tips and frustrations of living with glaucoma. Link to register

19th March (3pm) - Glaucoma and Eye Drops – Angela James, Ophthalmic Pharmacist with NHS Lothian will talk all things eye drops! Great presentation for anyone struggling with drops or needs advice. Link to register

Into the spring, we will continue with talks on Looking after your eyes during Ramadan, SLT and pseudoexfolication glaucoma. To keep up to date on all our talks and services, keep an eye on the Glaucoma UK website!