New Sight Loss Council for West Yorkshire

Written by Hayley

West Yorkshire Sight Loss Council is being created later this year to act as a voice for blind and partially sighted people living in West Yorkshire. Developed and funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust, the council will made up of volunteers who themselves are blind or partially sighted to act as advocates and campaigners to influence change and improve goods and services that blind and partially sighted people have access to in the area.

West Yorkshire Sight Loss Council will be the latest to join the Sight Loss Council movement as they spread out across the country. This means that not only are they able to address local issues, but they can join together and add to a wider and louder voice on national concerns that affect all visually impaired people no matter where they live.

Key Objectives:

  • For local people with sight loss to have their say in a full range of public and commercial services that they use.
  • To contribute to discussions about local services and how they are developed.
  • To support and empower people with a visual impairment.
  • To raise awareness of visual impairment and how it affects those living in a sighted world.
  • To inspire those with a visual impairment so that they can achieve many of their goals whether this is through education, employment or living independently.
  • To work with stakeholders and other organisations to ensure that the needs of blind and partially sighted people are recognised and met.

Any blind or partially sighted person aged 18 or over, who lives in the region can apply to become a volunteer member of the West Yorkshire Sight Loss Council. We have a robust recruitment process and provide induction and on-going training to enable members to build their knowledge and confidence in representing the issues and challenges that face their community on a regular basis

Sight Loss Council will focus upon 3 priorities these are:

  • Employment & Skills
  • Health & Welbing
  • Inclusive Communities

Each Sight Loss Council has a dedicated full-time Engagement Manager, who will work closely with the volunteers supporting them along the way. They will access Thomas Pocklington’s specialist staff teams to ensure that support and advice is provided to the Sight Loss Council regarding projects and campaigns they undertake.

The West Yorkshire Sight Loss Council will work alongside a variety of partner organisations including those from the sight loss sector, other charities and community groups, local authorities, CCGs & NHS Trusts, DWP, transport companies, technology specialists, sport’s governing bodies, educational institutions and local business in a collaborative way, forming strong relationships to raise awareness and influence positive change for visually impaired people to lead the lives they choose.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the West Yorkshire Sight Loss Council contact


Call: 020 8 996 1937

We look forward to hearing from you

Iain Mitchell

Engagement Manager

Yorkshire & Humberside