Legacy: have you thought of leaving a gift in your Will?

Every day 250 people begin to lose their sight in the UK. The demand for our services is growing all the time and, in a typical year, our total income is around 50% of what it actually costs to keep operating. Legacies keep the charity running in these lean years.

Why support a local charity?

We are independent of any national charity and receive no funding from any national partners. We aim to support local visually impaired people to live full and happy lives, and to work with other local organisations to make sure that all the opportunities our community has to offer are accessible to those with sight loss.

If you wish to leave a charitable gift to us (or indeed any other charity) when you pass away, the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out is to make a Will. You don’t need to be wealthy to make a Will and all gifts, however large or small, will be put to excellent use in our local community.You may wish to leave a gift for a specific purpose, and we are very happy to discuss your wishes with you before you formalise your Will. Please do get in touch and be assured that your wishes will be discussed in the strictest confidence.

In memoriam collections and donations

Some of our former members and their loved ones choose to remember us by inviting donations in lieu of flowers or a plate collection at funerals. We truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of these kind gestures in memory of people who we’ve often known for many years and are very dear to us. We are very happy to provide information about what we do so people know how their money is going to be used.